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S-217 FireMixer Cooker Mixer with Gas Burner
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  • GAS fired burner or ALL ELECTRIC heating element
  • Digital temperature control for no-burn easily repeatable results
  • Variable speed power agitator with spring-loaded scrapers
  • Designed for 24"/60cm diameter kettles in either copper or stainless steel - 4 depths available
  • Hydraulic lift of agitator head in and out of kettle
  • Easily removable and interchangeable optional agitators for different recipes
  • Special design agitators to stir and caramelize nuts, coat caramel corn, blend rice crispy treats, and more!
  • For coating nuts, add a Heat-to-Kettle Deflector
  • Pull-out splash guard to keep your floor clean
  • Hand Safety Guard is standard on all CHIEF models and available for WARRIOR models
  • Pair the FireMixer with a LifTILTruk Confectionery Kettle Lifter for easy one-person operation
  • Natural Gas (NG) or Liquified Propane (LP) energy source models
  • 12,000 watt electric cooking element
  • Unique drop-away stove to quickly remove the heat from the kettle at the end of the cook

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