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Savage Bros. has its roots in the manufacturing of reliable long lived machinery for the confectionery industry. From kettles, stoves, cookers and cooker-mixers to cooling tables and roller cutters, Savage makes processing equipment for fudge, caramel, toffee, brittle, nougat and virtually any cooked confection. Add to these stainless steel chocolate melters, temperers and moulding workstations; chocolate depositors; cream ganache extruders; and much more to meet the requirements of both small and large candy kitchens.

Artisan Retail Confectioner - Small Batch & R&D Pilot Plants

The Artisan Confectioner sells what he makes, often where he makes it. Specializing in small, hand-crafted batches, our artisan line of equipment includes table top cookers and chocolate tempering machines, chocolate molding workstations and small depositors, cooling tables with cutters, even a unique packing station for boxed chocolates. Our focus is to make the artisan as productive as the large scale confectioner.

Cooking & Processing
Cooling & Cutting
Chocolate Processing & Depositing

Wholesale Confectioner - Large Batch

Savage offers a range of gas and electric cooking systems for various batch sizes. From simple stoves with kettles and portable agitators to our famous FireMixer™ cooker-mixer and large 100 gallon caramel cooker, Savage machinery meets the cooking needs of the candy maker. A range of LifTILTruk™ kettle lifters permit one person to safely move and pour hot kettles. Cooling tables and roller cutters Chocolate melting and tempering equipment and chocolate transfer and depositing pumps are available for batch or continuous chocolate processing requirements. From small to large scale producers, Savage has dependable machinery.

Cooking & Processing
Cooling & Cutting
Chocolate Processing & Depositing

Updated to today’s PLC Touch-Screen control technology and current manufacturing methods, Savage re-introduces the 16"/400mm and 24"/600mm chocolate coating lines. The lines are uniquely designed with ‘plug-n-play’ modules for easy and flexible future expansion. Modules include Pre-Bottomer with Cold Plate, Enrober, self-contained Cooling Tunnel sections with two or three cooling zones, and in-feed and pack-out tables. Space for hand decorating or automatic stringer is included. The line features a single PLC control for belt speed with tracker and all functions.

W.C. Smith Chocolate Enrober
W.C. Smith Chocolate Bottomer & Cold Plate
W.C. Smith Cooling Tunnel & Outfeed Table

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