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High quality, state-of-the-art industrial equipment and ancillary production equipment for confectionary and candy-making production lines.

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Phillip Savage immigrated to the United States in 1833. He and his wife had two sons, Richard and Edward. In 1855, the young men founded the Savage Brothers Company. They committed themselves and succeeding generations to design and manufacture the finest machinery for the candy-maker.

Beginning with wood burning and coal fired candy stoves to today's efficient gas and electric models, the Savage family owned and operated the company until 1976, when its last generation did not produce any children to carry on. When the final Savage was well into her seventies, she passed the company to the present ownership group.

In 2005 we proudly celebrated the 150th anniversary of continuous service! Today's Savage Bros. Co. remains true to the commitment made by the brothers over 150 years ago. We listen to and work with our customers to build equipment that will help them improve productivity and make better confections.

The image shown above is from a Savage machinery catalog published shortly after the start of the 20th century, depicting the Chicago factory used for nearly 100 years.

Savage Bros & the Candymaking Industry

Savage Bros is highly invested in the industry and the people who make sweet products. We continue to embrace new techniques and foster solutions that make future innovations possible.

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Upcoming Courses

Learn at lectures, roundtables and fully hands-on candy processing courses with interesting new techniques.

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New Candymaker Support

Learn at lectures, roundtables and fully hands-on candy processing courses with interesting new techniques.

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This site is a very useful run-down of Savage equipment and its uses. As the owner of several stores -Southern Candymakers of New Orleans- it will provide guidance for buying new equipment for our expansion and for salvaging a number of older items acquired at auction.

Robert Tompkins

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