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Integrated System Ideas for Bakery Icing Processing

Icing Melter with Automatic Transfer to Icing Depositor
Icing melting tank with transfer pump controlled by level sensor

Icing Melter with 5 Gallon Pail UnLoader
Handy 5 gallon pail unloader can be added to an Icing Melter

Icing Melter with Fondant Cube Melting Grate
A Cube Melting Grate on top of the Icing Melter offers almost hands-free melting.

Icing Melter with Cake Flooding Grate
Special grate for flooding icing over cakes

Block Butter Melter - 1000 Lb/450 Kg per Hour
Large volume full cube Butter Melter - 1,000LB/450KG per hour rate