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Lift & Pour Adapters for the LifTILTruk - Most type containers
Variety of straps and nests to lift virtually any container

Lift & Pour Adapter - 28 Gallon Brute Tub
Adapter to lift and pour Brute 28 gallon tub

Lift & Pour Adapter - 44 Gallon Brute Container with Pouring Lip
LifTILTruk pouring 44 Gallon Brute Drum with add-on Pouring Lip into depositor

Lift & Pour Adapter - 55 Gallon Steel Drum
LifTILTruk Bowl Lift will handle lifting and pouring 55 gallon steel drum

Lift & Pour Adapter - 55 Gallon Steel Drum Strap
Quick On/Off stainless steel strap for 55 gallon steel drum

Lift & Pour Adapter - Pouring Lip added to Brute Drum
Add a pouring lip to Brute or similar drum.

Lift & Pour Adapter - Utility Bin
Adapters to pour square and rectangular bins

Lift & Pour Adapter - Utility Bin Nest
Example of adapter nest to lift square and rectangular bins

Lift & Pour Adapter - Nest for Koch Vemag Buggy for Dough or Meat
Adapter nests to lift and pour dough buggy and sausage truck

Small Bakery Layout for LifTILTurn Bowl Lift Use
Example of Rotating Bowl Lift LifTILTurn in a small work space.

Mobile LifTILTruk Bowl Lift Filling Mima Eurodrop
Example of custom application of the bowl lift

Using a LifTILTruk Bowl Lift to Load Precooker
Drawing depicts a LifTILTruk being used to load ingredients into a Savage Pre-Cooker

Using a LifTILTruk Bowl Lift to Load & Unload Processing Tank
The LifTILTruk bowl lift can be used to both load and unload a processing tank.

Using a LifTILTruk to Load Ingredients into Cooker
Use the LifTILTruk bowl lift to add ingredients to your cooker.

Space saver LifTilTurn Rotating Bowl Lift
A LifTILTurn rotating bowl lift can be used to lift and pour to adjacent table.

LifTILTruk Bowl Lift filling Dough Divider
Using a LifTILTruk bowl lift to load a dough divider

LifTILTruk Handling High Speed Blending Mixer
Example of custom designed adapter for blending mixer

LifTILTurn Rotating Bowl Lift Pouring Drum into Elevated Hopper
Using the Rotating Bowl Lift to service two elevated tubs

LifTilTurn Rotating Bowl Lift Servicing Vemag Depositor
Vemag depositor, extruder, filler or divider is easily filled with Bowl Lift

Mobile 1000 Lb/450 Kg Spiral Mixer Bowl Lift LifTILTruk
Model "E" LifTILTruk is designed for handling large spiral mixer bowls with integrated trolly

Vemag Buggy Fixed Lift & Dump
Lifting and pouring a Koch Vemag Buggy to 120 inch pour

Heavy Tote Bin Fixed Lift & Dump Loading Dough Divider
Example of lift and dump application to load dough divider

Large 1600 Lb/725 Kg Spiral Mixer Bowl Dump
Heavy lift fixed-in-place system to lift and pour large spiral mixer bowls

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