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LifTILTruk Container Adapters

LifTILTruk with multiple containers
09-LTT_5-Gal-Pail.jpg 09-LTT_55-Gal-Drum.jpg 09-LTT_D_Big-Bowl.jpg 09-LTT_D_Dough-Trough.jpg
09-LTT_Process-Tank.jpg 09-Nest-for-Spiral-Mixing-Bowl-with-Trolly.jpg 09-Nest-forTub.jpg 09-Anim_Brute_Drum.jpg
09-Anim_Brute_Drum_Nest.gif 11-Fixed_ Lift-n-Dump.jpg 09-Anim_Hobart_Bowl.jpg LTT_with_Tote.jpg
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Special adapters and straps allow you to lift and pour virtually any size, shape and brand of bowl, pail, container, bin or kettle used in the baking, candy or chemical industries. If you don't see a match for your requirement here, please ask us!


  • Straps for all brands of bakery mixing bowls, from Hobart, AMF, Glen, VariMixer and virtually all others
  • Adapters for all size Rubbermaid Brute Drums, fiber drums and similar soft sided round containers
  • Nests for large spiral mixer bowls from Tonelli, Gemini, Rondo and others
  • Lifts and pours square and rectangular containers like Rubbermaid Totes, ingredient bins and food boxes
  • Direct pick-up of Savage kettles from FireMixer cooker mixer and stoves