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Depositing Pump

50 Lb Chocolate Temperer Depositor
45-Depositing-Pump.jpg 45-Depositing-Pump-Mounted.jpg 45-200-Lb-Chocolate-Depositor.jpg 45-Shower-Head-Nozzle.jpg
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Cleanable adjustable stroke pump for accurate depositing


  • Adjustable Depositing Pumps
  • Precise deposit adjustment wheel with a volume reference gauge
  • Flexible operator control panel that allows automatic, semi-automatic, or manual depositing.
  • Heated product cylinder giving you flexibility in using flowable products like chocolate, icing, or caramel.
  • Single or multiple nozzle depositing head to fit your mould cavities
  • Electrically Heated or Water-Jacketed Heated pipe and depositing heads available
  • X/Y axis action heads available for precise "no tail" deposits
  • Easy to dissassemble and clean
  • Stainless steel sanitary fittings for easy removal from tank