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Gas Candy Cooker

#20 Gas Cooker with copper kettle & optional Portable Agitator
16--Gas-Stove-Cooking-System.jpg 16-20-Gas-Cooker-with-PA.jpg 16-Digital-Stove-Controller-Cover.jpg 0250_33_Gas_Cooker-1.jpg
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A special configuration of the gas candy stove will incorporate an automatic gas valve controlled by temperature sensor with digital control. Works just like the big FireMixer - monitors the batch temperature, beeps when set-point approaches, and cycles the gas burner off/on to maintain the batch. For the #20 model, the digital temperature control is wall mounted or on optional stand. Temperature probe is designed for both kettle and Portable Agitator use. The larger #33 Cooker has an integrated operator control station and a lift-up temperature sensor with automatic gas-off safety feature. This is the same cooker as the S-92 FireMixer, without the agitator head.


  • Program temperature set-point for your batch
  • Alarm beeps as set-point approaches
  • Automatically cycles stove burner OFF/ON to maintain temperature
  • #20 Cooker incorporates #20 size stove with wall or stand mounted digital temperature controller and temperature sensor for kettle or Portable Agitator
  • #33 Cooker incorporates larger #33 stove with integrated digital temperature controller and lift-up temperature sensor.